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@sammyrayedroke: My lady lovebug is growing up 😍 Happy birthday @selenagomez Love you with all my ❤️I am so excited to see what God is doing in you and through you! Your best years are ahead my love, I believe it 🙌 AND I cannot wait to take this world by storm with you, it has no idea what’s coming! 😉 #partnerincrime #littlesister #22baby!#goldenbirthday


@cmpxsr: Never met anyone like this one in my life. I’m humbled. Happy Birthday Princess @selenagomez


Happy Birthday SelenaGomez! It’s time to start the party. Don’t stop till the sun comes up!

Selena Gomez out on a jet ski in St. Tropez, France on July 22, 2014


Happy 22nd Birthday, Selena! (July 22nd, 1992) ♥

Cancer » The Cancerian woman; is sensitive - very sensitive - but not only to her needs, but to the needs of others. She’s generous towards everyone, and she hardly expects anything in return for her faithfulness. A Cancerian woman is creative, beautiful, spontaneous, confident and caring. She likes to mother everyone around her and is a smart, loyal and loving friend.

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Watch out Westfield high! Sheila Edmunson is coming to town! @youthfuldaze #badgirl #rebel #august31 youtfuldaze.com



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